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This can lead to aggressive acts like destroying property or assaulting someone. Kleptomania: The impulsive urge to steal something without considering the item's monetary value or use. The stealing is done for gratification and fulfillment of committing the theft. Pathological Gambling: The urge to continuously gamble despite knowing about the harmful effects of the same is known Dominant Testo as pathological gambling or problem gambling. This uncontrollable impulse to gamble can have significant negative effects on someone's life including financial problems, disrupted family life and other such effects. Pyromania: Pyromania is an impulse control disorder wherein a person feels the uncontrollable urge to set fire. This is often done without any motive and just for the gratification of setting fire. Trichotillomania: Identified as an overwhelming urge to pluck one's hair, trichotillomania can lead to noticeable hair loss especially around the eyebrows, head, eyelashes and hands. Other types of impulse control disorders that are not specified include internet addiction, dermatillomania (skin picking), onchycophagia (nail biting) and compulsive shopping. Back To Top Mood Disorders Mood disorders are some of the most common types of mental disorders affecting people around the world.


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