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which used a combination of c-fu promoter LacZ transgenic mice and Daun02, prodrug which can be converted to daunorubicin by LacZ. Daunorubicin inhibits neuronal activity by reducing the CA2 + action potentials dependent [42-44]. Using this consensual approach, activated c-Federal Bureau of Statistics nerve cells (neurons any positive LacZ) can be selectively inactivated injectabl   IQ2 Nootropic e Daun02. In their studies, and learning-induced expression memory context management of drug-c farmers' organizations in neurological difference in the nucleus accumbens of rats. Subsequent management of Daun02 reduced cocaine-induced psychological awareness of the specific context, stressing that the nerve cells that have been activated during learning also participated in the retrieval of memory that context is associated with cocaine administration. 


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