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Image Revive works by providing all the required nutrients that skin needs. It provides all the nutrients and nourishes the skin deeply. It makes your skin looks flawless and healthy in just few days of application. It works at the cellular level and it nourishes the cell deeply and those cell which spaced themselves with age and create signs of aging it fills the gaps between the cells and releases the particles slowly that nourishes the cell for longer time and makes your skin healthy and beautiful and provides you with longer lasting results. This allows more sustained release of nutrients and these proteins act like a sponge that captures Trans-epidermal water loss resulting in wrinkle reduction. It also restricts the moisture loss and thus maintains the hydration of the skin. It also brightens the complexion of skin by repairing damaged epidermal layer immediately and all this working procedure it lightens the wrinkles, lines, and effect of stress on skin and darkening of skin. It also increases the level of collagen which enhance the natural elastin protein thus increases the elasticity of the skin. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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