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and a rise in blood pressure. Distress or  Dominant Testo 'bad stress' can be further classified into three types - acute distress, acute episodic distress, and chronic distress. ➤ Acute Distress Acute distress is the most common type of stress that comes suddenly, leaving you terrified and perplexed. Though acute stress lasts only for a short duration, it almost always demands a response. Acute stress often produces the 'flight or fight' response in an individual. A job interview, or an exam for which you have not prepared adequately are some examples of acute stress. The symptoms of acute stress can be easily identified. Such symptoms can include emotional distress, headaches, migraines, increased heart rate, palpitation, dizziness, shortness of breath, cold hands or feet, and excessive sweating. Acute Episodic Distress The term 'acute episodic stress' is usually used for a situation when acute stress becomes the norm. So, acute episodic distress is characterized by frequent episodes of acute stress. People having this type of stress often find themselves struggling to organize their life and complete the never-ending list of things to be done. They often put unnecessary demands and pressure on themselves, which can eventually cause restlessness and irritability. People suffering from acute episodic distress are always in a hurry. This type of stress can cause work-related problems, besides deteriorating interpersonal relationships. The most common symptoms of acute episodic stress are irritability, persistent tension headaches, migraines, hypertension, and chest pain. Chronic Distress Chronic distress is the stress that persists for a long time. Chronic stress usually stems from a long-lasting event or circumstance that cannot be controlled. Poverty, feeling trapped in a detestable 


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