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And loosen the connective tissues, so as to prepare you for flexible birth. To add to the discomfort, women also complain of problems with sleeping in any position. Due to the pressure on the abdomen, sleeping sideways or on the back, is equally uncomfortable. However, it is said Pro Muscle Fit that sleeping with a pillow between the legs and behind the back does provide substantial relief. At this stage a woman may also experience frequent contractions. Consult with your doctor or mid-wife to know about the signs of labor. Other symptoms like constipation, tiredness, insomnia, heartburn, restlessness, exhaustion, weak bladder control, hemorrhoids, edema (swelling during pregnancy) may still be persistent. Your navel may become convex and look like popping-out. This happens mainly due to the expanding abdomen. The not-so-pleasing stretch marks, may get more irritating and itchy due to a huge belly on board. Vaginal discharge may increase in the 36th week of pregnancy. You can also expect the discharge to be thicker, or with brownish or reddish mucus 

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