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Doesn't just feel anxious in the elevator, but also experiences claustrophobia symptoms in rooms with closed doors and windows, small rooms, basements, crowded places, or even cars and tunnels at Test X180 Alpha times. Of the various causes of this irrational fear, the size of amygdala and classical conditioning are perhaps the most prominent causes. Even though somewhere around 5-7 percent of the world population suffers from claustrophobia only a 1-2 percent of them opt for its treatment. Acrophobia While the term 'vertigo' is often used to refer to the fear of heights, it is technically incorrect. A person's irrational fear of heights is referred to as acrophobia. (Vertigo - on the other hand, is the feeling of spinning sensation that one tends to experience when he is not actually spinning.) People who suffer from acrophobia tend to experience a panic attack.


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