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Signs of Labor As there is no knowledge of what might trigger labor, there are few signs that you can observe. Nesting: You may find the sudden urge to clean your house and also end up doing Dominant Testo so. It is Mother Nature's way of telling that you are ready to bring your baby to a clean house. Also, once the baby is delivered, you may not have time to clean your house and baby-proof it. House-work is a good exercise and can induce labor. Dropping or Lightening: A few weeks before labor, you may have less heartburn. But, you may also feel more pressure in your pelvic area. You may notice some swelling in your legs and your abdomen will look lowered. This is caused due to 'lightening' or 'dropping', that is, your baby settling down nearer to the cervix. It releases pressure from your diaphragm and you can breathe easily and eat more. In case this is not your first baby, dropping may occur just before labor. Braxton Hicks Contraction.


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