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British dictionary definition of fashion: "Style in clothes, cosmetics, especially the latest or most admired Style." Fashion designers are constantly coming out with a new cut of clothing, a new fashion, if you will. If the public likes what they see in the newest of fashions, then they become the rage, 'The Talk of the Town,' everybody wants to own it. In the fashion industry things move very fast a new dress, a new Off Shoulder Blouse, a new sweatshirt design is here today and may be gone tomorrow. There is another dilemma involved in the design of new fashions. That is the copyright protection of the new designs. The copyright and patent laws in the United States are not as protective of fashion design as those laws are in Europe. In the United States the way fabric is designed with specific patterns gets more protection under the copyright laws than the dress made out of that fabric. The European courts have a different view and IP of fashion designers have a little more protection with a three year limit. It appears that clothing rarely meets the standard required for patent or copyright laws. Enough said. New fashion design often sets off a new trend. The new fashion catches the public's eye so fast, that it is replicated by all the clothing manufacturers. Sales are brisk, tapers off and soon forgotten. That's because a new fashion design has just come out. Fast paced is the fashion world. Enter a trend setter in fashion. On the website you can find Crossed Lace-Up Blouse, Off Shoulder Knit Top, all are fashion trend setting styles. When asked, "where did you get that gorgeous blouse?" You tell them, "at" That is all they need to know about where to get the same fashion you are wearing. That will make you the fashion trend setter for your circle of friends. No matter how fast the trends in fashion move,you will know that the fashions you view on are current and the trendiest fashions available. It is not a requirement to wear fashions designed by Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, or Giorgio Armani. Their clothing is too expensive for the average lady. The fashions at are as trendy as those of the top designers and not as expensive. Shopping at is high class style for a low price. Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.


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