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This situation implied that some other type of transporter must be mediating uptake of the neutral amino acids from the intestinal lumen and helped lead to the discovery of did/tripe tide transporter , the major intestinal transporter for the absorption of the did- and tripe tide products of digestion The coupled did- and tripe tide co transporters take advantage of a H+ electrochemical gradient from the lumen to the cytoplasm across the brush-border membranes of entrecotes (14).NuCulture The intracellular pH of the entrecote is whereas the pH of the unstirred water layer that bathes the brush border is ∼6.0, indicating a 10-fold concentration difference for protons. This electrochemical H+ gradient is generated and maintained by the Na+/H+ exchangers in the brush-border membranes coupled and the removal of Na+ from the cells across the basolateral membranes. 


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