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Multi-genre author Joel Goulet’s newest novel is a fantasy/sci-fi titled Vallincourt: Nothing But Time. It has been published by Double Dragon Publishing and is available in print (large print) and eBook formats. All of his many novels can be found at several sources including Ingram, Amazon, B&N, the publisher and KOBO, to name a few (prices vary). In 1835 16 year old Alexander Vallincourt hires on a schooner. The ship and crew embark on a voyage in the Arctic Circle late in the fall season. The ship becomes entrapped in an ice flow, forcing the crew to abandon ship. Vallincourt becomes lost, and nearly succumbs to the elements. Rescued by an Inuit tribe Alexander is given water from a mystical pool. He is told that because of the water he will live forever. A hundred and seventy-five years later the US government is tipped off about Alexander’s immortal existence. A top secret government agency attempts to learn his secret of immortality. A group of rogue agents go on the hunt for him, stopping at nothing to learn his secret to immortality for themselves.  


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