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just below the inside of your wrist. Hold your right hand in front of you, with the palm facing the ceiling. Now, place the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of your left hand, on the wrist crease of the right hand. Pro Muscle Fit  Place your left thumb next to the left index finger, precisely between the two tendons, and massage this point in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Switch hands, and repeat the motion. BL2 - Third Eye The third eye is one of the pressure points of the body which needs a delicate touch to be stimulated. This point is located between your two eyebrows right above the bridge of the nose. Use the tender touch of your fingernail to apply pressure on this point for relief from anxiety and stress. H7 - Spirit Gate It is located on the crease of your wrist on the side of the little finger. Apply pressure on this point with your thumb nail, such that you feel a slight bearable pain. Massage this point in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes, 


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